The Most SLACKER Things To Do This Summer

You’ve worked hard, now you need to SLACK hard! It’s summertime, and there’s no better season to embrace your inner couch potato. It doesn’t matter what the case is, you’ve worked hard for the time off, and you deserve some lounge time! Whether the kids are away at summer camp, or you’re taking a stay-cation from work, these are the top ways to enjoy some #summerSLACKin!

  • First things first. You’ll need your favorite SLACKER inactive wear to get comfy and cozy. Pick some up now.



  • Get addicted to a TV series. Netflix marathons are so SLACKER. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of titles. We’ve done the searching for you and came up with this awesome list of Netflix marathons to indulge in!


  • Build a living room fort. Just because you’re a “grown up” doesn’t mean you can’t have fun via some activities from your childhood. Aka, let’s build a fort! This adult-friendly How To Build a Fort tutorial is all you need to turn nostalgia into full-blown, awesome reality.


  • Get lost in a good book. Books aren’t for everyone, but we know that some SLACKERs are inclined to read for pleasure once in a while. This list of 40 must-read books is a good place to start.


  • Travel the world. Get caught up in some of the world’s most beloved destinations, and do it without ever leaving your couch. It’s possible. Here, we can prove it.


  • Skype with an old friend. You know that social media platform that keeps you in touch with people you’d never hear from otherwise? Hit up one of those elementary school classmates on Facebook, Skype with them, and play catch up! Definitely pick someone you’re still cool with. Otherwise, that might just be creepy.

How are you enjoying your time off for SLACKin’ this summer? Tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #summerSLACKin and let us know! Find us @slackerwear.