Seth Rogen: SLACKER Hero

At 33 years old, Seth Rogen is by far one of the world’s top SLACKERs. His laid back personality combined with a serious sense of humor, appeals to generations, across the board. He’s the kind of guy you’d want to kick it at a party with, or better yet, throw a party with! A SLACKER hero to the core, Rogen’s repertoire includes humor, philanthropy, and success.

SLACKER Hero-isms


For one thing, SLACKERs can’t SLACK until they’ve worked hard. And with Rogen’s movies nearing $1 billion in revenue, we think it’s safe to say he can SLACK when and how he wants to.

Low Maintenance

In an interview with The Guardian, it was revealed that Rogen took less than 10 minutes to “groom” himself before the photoshoot for his editorial piece. It doesn’t get much more SLACKER than that!

Giving Back

Rogen, although hilariously awesome, also has a philanthropic side. He leads a non-profit called Hilarity for Charity that aims to raise funds and awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.


Dubbed a reflection of his own characters, Rogen’s roles don’t fall far from his own personality. From SuperBad to Knocked Up to Pineapple Express, the guy keeps everyone laughing without much effort.


Although he is a well-known, respected figure in Hollywood these days, the guy clearly just doesn’t take himself too seriously. Director, Judd Apatow, who has worked with Rogen on multiple projects, described Rogen in The Guardian’s interview: “If you see Seth on a talkshow, he seems very comfortable. I never see him pacing frantically, worrying whether or not he’s going to have a great spot on Letterman. He seems amused by the whole thing.”

SLACKER Hero Quote To Remember

-“As soon as I realized you could be