Travel The World Without Leaving Your Couch

Who says you have to leave your couch to travel the world

Thanks to SLACKER, Netflix, and GrubHub, you can experience the world from the comfort of your couch! After you throw on your favorite SLACKER, here are some fantastic pairings to try:


Destination: Paris

On Netflix: Midnight in Paris

What it’s about: Owen Wilson plays an aspiring screenwriter who figures out how to travel back to 1920s’ Paris and experience the past.

What to order from GrubHub: Look for a local place with burgers or Italian appetizers to indulge in while enjoying the film, unless you have a French spot nearby. Then, obviously go with that!


Destination: Zombieland

On Netflix: Zombieland

What it’s about: Okay, so, Zombieland isn’t areal place. But if it was, you would definitely want to visit.

What to order from GrubHub: This is a no-brainer: PIZZA!


Destination: Tokyo

On Netflix: Lost in Translation

What it’s about: Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson build an unlikely bond while traveling abroad. Yeah, it’s kind of a chick-flick. But don’t act like ScarJo isn’t enough reason to give it a whirl.

What to order from GrubHub: Find the best Japanese spot around, and dig in!


Destination: Belgium

On Netflix: In Bruges

What it’s about: Two hit-men hide out in Belgium after a failed assassination attempt. It’s dark. It’s funny. And don’t forget the waffles.

What to order from GrubHub: Seriously, if there’s a place nearby where you can get waffles, do it! Otherwise, go for a salad, french fries and a chocolate dessert. Weird, we know. But, just do it.


Destination: South America

On Netflix: The Motorcycle Diaries

What it’s about: A true story, The Motorcycle diaries chronicles two friends’ journey around South America on a sketched out motorcycle named La Poderosa (“The Mighty One”).

What to order from GrubHub: Think seafood, rice, beans, and meat! Whichever local spot around you comes to mind, that’s what you should go with!