No Dirty Dishes Day: Top 4 Fast Foods

Today is No Dirty Dishes Day! We can’t think of a better excuse to take five from the couch and run to the closest fast food chain! In honor of this highly celebrated event, we’ve been kind enough to give you a rundown of the most savory bites! Pick wisely (or just get one of each).


The Bacon Clubhouse is dripping with temptation, with a quarter pound of pure beef topped with thick-cut bacon, grilled onions, white cheddar, tomato and crisp leaf lettuce. AND don’t forget the Big Mac sauce.


Tip: Add a side of fries and a McCafe chocolate shake.


Indulge in Arby’s Angus Philly sandwich. It’s loaded with angus steak, peppers, onions and swiss cheese, in addition to a winning combo of mayo and Italian dressing.

arbys angus-steak-philly

Tip: Add a side of curly fries with cheese sauce.


The Spicy Chicken Deluxe at Chick-Fil-A needs no introduction. Clearly experts in their field, the chefs at Chick-Fil-A paired a boneless chicken breast (fried to perfection with a spicy blend of peppers) with a buttered bun and dill pickle chips, alongside lettuce, tomato, and Pepper Jack cheese.


Tip: A must-have are the signature waffle fries on the side!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s description of the Doritos Fiery, Cheesy Gordita Crunch is enough to make you hop in the car before you even finish reading! Enjoy fluffy flatbread smothered in cheese and wrapped around a fiery Doritos taco shell, and topped with a zesty pepper jack sauce!


Tip: Save room for dessert and get some Cinnabon Delights!