SLACK Hack: NFL Season Tips

In light of #SLACKERpreseason, we’re here to give you the top do’s and don’t’s for the 2015-2016 NFL season. The do’s will shed light on some of the most important elements of being a successful fan, while the don’t’s will keep you from being “that guy.”



  • Go all out for your team! There’s nothing quite like rockin’ your team’s colors and some war paint- er, face paint- while guzzling your favorite brew during a game. After all, number one fan behavior is part of our motto: word hard, SLACK hard! 


  • Support your team during away games! The fellas might be on the road, but support from fans like you is still important. Rally up your pals for a watch-party and stay connected to your team, and other fans, via Twitter.


  • Remember to tag #TEAMSLACKER! Whether you’re representing your favorite team (or your favorite loungewear), let us know! Just use the hashtag #TEAMSLACKER so we can give you a shout.



  • Forget your SLACKER! We’ve got all the comfy styles you’ll need to get you through both the pre-season and regular season. Check it out!


  • Get a crappy tattoo of your team! This kind of speaks for itself. Just, don’t.


  • Wear a jersey of a team that’s not playing! Or in Snoop Lion’s case, a team that isn’t even in the NFL. This is the epitome of the “that guy” attitude. Don’t rain on other fans’ parades. Your team will get their chance. In the meantime, go for a SLACKER Inactive Wear tee, or a plain-colored Polo works, too. 


Bonus tip: Learn how to own the NFL pre-season.