SLACK Hacks For Sandwiches!

Everyone loves a good sandwich! It’s the perfect meal for a SLACKER, for two reasons: 1) There’s no actual “cooking” involved. 2) Ingredients are always readily available. So, take some mental notes with these three SLACK hacks for sandwiches. And, happy eating!!

Grilled [Meat] Cheese

Get it: Grab whatever lunch meat you have available, plus some of your favorite cheese. Put the meat and cheese between two slices of bread, and lightly butter each side of it (on the outside of the pieces of bread). Melt some butter in a frying pan. Proceed to grill each side of the sandwich to your desired level of crispy. Enjoy!

SLACK Hack: Pickles and onions on the side or throw them in before grilling!


Just Add Bacon

Get it: We’ve heard rumors that bacon pretty much makes every sandwich better. After many tests, we found this theory to be totally true. From peanut butter and jelly to ham and cheese to a salami sandwich, it takes them all to that next level of yum! So, when in doubt about how to make a sandwich more exciting, follow this simple SLACKER rule: just add bacon!

SLACK Hack: Where there’s good use for bacon, avocado isn’t too far behind! Add a couple slices in with the bacon, or mash it into a spread for a delectable addition to any sandwich!



Get it: The ingredients are what the title suggest: All! Whatever you have in your fridge or cupboard, use all of it! If it sounds like it goes together, try it out. Add chips and veggies to your sandiwches, and/or add more than one kind of cheese and meat. This experiment could lead you to your new favorite go-to sandwich!

SLACK Hack: If you’re a fan of dipping your food, try making this super delicious (and easy) sauce. Use it to dip your sandwich into!


Have a sandwich recipe to share with fellow SLACKERs? Comment below and let us know!