Be a Barbecue Master, Get Your Grill On!

May is National Barbecue Month. It is also a unique occasion to vacate your living room. If you’re going to attempt it, do it right!

These three tips are guaranteed to make you a better barbecuer.

2-Zone Set Up: Learn It, Love It

Once you’ve got this part mastered, the rest is easy. After that, Consider yourself Superman…or SLACKER-Superman, rather. Let’s get to it. Create two, invisible zones (tip: use coal as the dividing line), one for direct heat, and one for indirect heat. Now, depending on what kind of meat your barbecuing, follow Amazing Ribs’ temperature guide to produce the perfect plate.


Don’t Over-Marinate

According to grilling pro, Elizabeth Karmel, letting your meat marinate for anything more than two hours risks over-softening. Gross! Who wants mushy meat? To avoid the must factor, Karmel suggests measuring the marinate time by the size of the food. Her words of wisdom? “The smaller and more delicate the food, the shorter the soak.”



Use Citrus

As your meat cooks, squeeze fresh lemons and oranges over it. This rule of thumb promises to create a moist, savory piece of grub. Try this recipe combined with your favorite barbecue sauce!