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SLACK Hack: NFL Dates To Remember

NFL pre-season is in full swing! So far we’ve shown you how to own the pre-season shenanigans, whether you’re enjoying the game from your own couch, or taking it in at a viewing party. We’ve also shed light on some important hacks to ensure a successful NFL season as a fan, from steering clear of […]

SLACK Hack: NFL Season Tips

In light of #SLACKERpreseason, we’re here to give you the top do’s and don’t’s for the 2015-2016 NFL season. The do’s will shed light on some of the most important elements of being a successful fan, while the don’t’s will keep you from being “that guy.” DO Go all out for your team! There’s nothing […]

NFL Pre-Season: Own It!

The 2015 NFL pre-season games begin on August 13, 2015. Get ahead of the game with our SLACKER-fied guide to owning the NFL pre-season fun, like a boss! We’ve got the week-by-week schedules AND a to-do list to make this pre-season, your best one yet! You’ll need to do these four things in order to […]

Seth Rogen: SLACKER Hero

At 33 years old, Seth Rogen is by far one of the world’s top SLACKERs. His laid back personality combined with a serious sense of humor, appeals to generations, across the board. He’s the kind of guy you’d want to kick it at a party with, or better yet, throw a party with! A SLACKER […]

The Most SLACKER Things To Do This Summer

You’ve worked hard, now you need to SLACK hard! It’s summertime, and there’s no better season to embrace your inner couch potato. It doesn’t matter what the case is, you’ve worked hard for the time off, and you deserve some lounge time! Whether the kids are away at summer camp, or you’re taking a stay-cation […]

Summer Menu For SLACKERs

So, let’s be honest. It’s summertime. It’s hot outside. The couch is really the only place you want to be. Where does a trip to the grocery store, or out to eat, fit in? It doesn’t! That’s why we’ve created this list of go-to summer meals that you can make with stuff you already have […]

Games You Need This Summer

Storms, sick days, and vacation call for a legitimately SLACKER-worthy list of games to get into this summer! Skip the online reviews, we’ve got the goods right here, right now!! Here are the top games you’ll want to get you through the season: Batman: Arkham Knight This is BY FAR the game we were most […]

Netflix Marathons To Indulge In This Summer

Don’t you just HATE scrolling through dozens of TV and movie titles on Netflix, only to find that you end up settling for a so-so dose of entertainment? Welp, we’ve done the searching for you with this summer lineup! Whether it’s during a summer storm or on a weekend when you just aren’t feeling the […]

SLACK Hack: Summer Essentials

You don’t have to stay glued to your couch to embrace UR inner SLACKER! Getting your slack on can happen just about anywhere. And wherever you decide slack this summer, we’re here to help you make it memorable. Here are summer essentials you definitely need if you’re part of #TEAMSLACKER! Enjoy:   At home This […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A SLACKER’s Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know EXACTLY what he’d love to wake up to on that lovely Sunday morning. No, seriously. Write down some of these ideas, because one, or more, of them could make this Father’s Day, the best one yet! The Pizza Boss 3000 because every dad needs to […]