Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A SLACKER’s Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know EXACTLY what he’d love to wake up to on that lovely Sunday morning. No, seriously. Write down some of these ideas, because one, or more, of them could make this Father’s Day, the best one yet!

The Pizza Boss 3000 because every dad needs to feel confident when cutting into a fresh delicious pizza pie!

Cost: $15

The squirrel feeder that looks like a horse head, because no matter how many times he sees it, it’ will always be funny.

Cost: $16

The Bacon Griller because…well, BACON!

Cost: $30

It’s pretty much summer time. Which also means it’s time to stay cool with SLACKER Shorts.

Cost: $44

The SLACKER Robe because he has always wanted to be part of #TEAMSLACKER!

Cost: $64

The Speaker Showerhead because how else is dad going to practice for his The Voice audition?

Cost: $100

The Keyless SmartLock Software because he might misplace his keys, but he’ll never misplace his phone!

Cost: $250