New To Netflix: SLACKtember Edition

So, there are a multitude of brand new titles to indulge in throughout September. But, instead of having to sort through and do the research of what to watch, we’ve done the work for you! No need to thank us. After all, what are SLACKER teammates for?!

Let’s get down to the good stuff:

Must-Watch TV Shows

72 Dangerous Animals, Australia, Season 1

You can probably gather what this one’s about, given the name. National Geographic presents this epic documentary about 72 of Australia’s most dangerous animals, from a great white to a platypus!


Comedy Bang! Bang!, Season 4 (Part II)

This TV show/podcast/stand-up show/tour features Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Seth Rogen! Enough said!!


The League, Season 6

Comedy meets fantasy meets real life in this FX Network series. The storyline focuses on a Fantasy Football league and its members. Perfect timing since the NFL season just kicked off!


Movie Musts

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Based on some favorite Marvel characters, Avengers Confidential highlights Black Widow and Punisher joining forces to stop Leviathan. Ultimately, this leaves the Avengers’ fate as an uncertain one.



Starring Keanu Reeves, this early 2000s hit is about a gambler who, in order to pay of f a debt, starts coaching a youth basebal team, in the projects. It’s a feel-good, light sports drama with some humor mixed in.


Rambo I, II, III

Seriously, do we really need to give you the synopsis of these Stallone classics?!


Sleepy Hollow

Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy a creep-frest with this Johnny Depp thriller, telling the age-old story of the headless horseman!


Up In The Air

This one just seems too good not to share, and your lady friends will appreciate it, too! George Clooney and Anna Kendrick co-star in this film about a traveling businessman who finds uncharted territory in life and love during a trip for work.



Remember Jumanji? Zathura is from the same author! So, be prepared to laugh and get a rush of nostalgia with this kid-rated, sci-fi action flick!


Which releases will you be adding to your SLACKtemeber to-do list?