Halloween Movies, From Humorous To Horrifying

If you’re like us, fall means Halloween and Halloween means: ’tis the season to SLACK hard! As you know, we’re pros when it comes to lounging, snacking, and surfing; surfing the TV, that is. So, kick your feet up, get ready, and join us on the road to All Hallow’s Eve. There’s something for everyone on this list of top Halloween movies, and the beauty of it? They’re ALL available to stream on Netflix!!

The Addams Family

Nostalgically humorous, The Addams Family is a Halloween must! Haven’t seen it? NO worries. You’re never too old to appreciate the hilarity of Christopher Lloyd or Anjelica Huston.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

This animated flick is a bit spooky, but has a feel-good tone about it. Want to SLACK with the entire family? This is the movie to go to!

Nightmare before christmas


Blurring the line between funny and scary, Scream delivers quite a few comical moments. But, overall, it will actually end up scaring the SLACKER out of you!


The Children of the Corn

We can’t say that there is very much humor in this Halloween pick, BUT, it is perfect for the SLACKERs who enjoy a creepy good watch!


The Sixth Sense

Suspense rules in this 90s thriller, giving us all a haunting look at what it might be like to communicate with “the other side.” Hashtag, goosebumps.


The Omen

The ultimate classic throwback is here! After all, there’s nothing like suspecting a kid you know to be the definition of hell on earth.


Happy haunting, and SLACKing!