Jonah Hill: SLACKER Hero

Who better for a SLACKER Hero tribute than Mr. Superbad himself, Jonah Hill?! After making SLACKERs everywhere proud with his hilarious debut in 2007, Hill has gone on to work hard, and SLACK hard, which is clearly why he’s being featured!

SLACKER Hero-isms


If you’ve seen any of Hill’s films, this is a no-brainer. The guy is as hilarious as he is smart, making us crack up since his first role in 2006 (Accepted). Somehow it seems like his roles aren’t very far off from the way Hill actually is, in real life. He definitely seems like the kind of guy who can appreciate a good SLACKing!


Hill has figured out a way to do what he loves (act/write), be himself (via his roles), and make a ton of loot doing it; he was most recently given a nod for being in the top 30, highest paid actors in the U.S., with a whopping $16 million to his credit.


It wasn’t by chance that Hill made his way to Hollywood’s A-list. He reportedly became pals with Dustin Hoffman’s kids during his post high school years. That friendship gave Hill the opportunity to meet Hoffman, who helped him land his first role.

SLACKER Hero Quote to Remember

-Besides the fact that I make movies, there's nothing interesting about my life at all, unfortunately.-