Easy Halloween Costumes For SLACKERs

SLACKERs everywhere can rest easy until All Hallow’s Eve, because we’ve got five super simple Halloween costume ideas that will leave you chanting, “SLACK-ER, SLACK-ER, SLACK-ER!” Let’s get right down to it, from movie SLACKERs to SLACKER heroes, we’ve got ‘em all:

Garth from Wayne’s World


What you’ll need: black frame glasses, blonde wig, white t-shirt

Top it off: Garth, the ultimate SLACKER hero, surely would have rocked SLACKER lounge pants, had they been available when the movie was made!!

David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused


What you’ll need: stick-on mustache, white t-shirt, black cord necklace

Top it off: Modernize this SLACKER hero with a pair of SLACKER shorts!

Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High


What you’ll need: a bagel

Top it off: Just a pair of SLACKER pants will make this costume epic!

Kato Kaelin


What you’ll need: blonde wig

Top it off: Nail this costume with SLACKER pajama pants.

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What you’ll need: white t-shirt, sharpie

Top it off: Pick your favorite pair of SLACKER pants or shorts!