SLACK To School Tips

Our back to school guide isn’t your typical one. No, it’s SLACK to school the SLACKER way! That’s right! We’ve got the top tips to help you make this coming year, whether you’re a college student or the parent of one, a SLACK-worthy one! After all, it’s like we always say: work hard, SLACK hard!! It’s the American way!

Here are our top tips for back to school, er, SLACK to school, success:

  1. Back up files via Dropbox. Because we all know, if you lose them, well, that’s that. It’s SLACKER-friendly. Meaning, it only takes a second and it’s absolutely worth it.
  2. Skip the school zones! If you have any kind of commute, whether it’s for your own school obligations or not, steer clear of these guys. Use your city’s website for an outline of where they are (or, you might already know from being a local), and use Google Maps to re-route your drive.
  3. Microwave like you’re the Martha Stewart express! Whatever that means. No, seriously though, you would not believe the meals you can come up with using a microwave. Salmon, corn on the cob, risotto, and the list goes on…
  4. The number one, can’t live without tool for going back to school: Google Calendar. Learn it, use it, love it.
  5. Whether you’re a college student or the parent of one, this phone tripod is perfect for FaceTime dates or Skyping. It makes it easy (and it keeps you from getting motion sick)!
  6. Lectures are seriously draining sometimes. Instead of writing down notes or trying to keep up via typing, just take a snap of each slide (or the most important ones) with your smartphone! Use the remaining time in class to organize them into study-ready note cards.
  7. Chances are, if you’re working hard this school year, you’ll need to take a break and SLACK hard, too. Our favorite combo for fall 2015 is the bamboo SLACKER robe and pant set.

What are some of your SLACKER tips for fellow students and parents? SLACK on, SLACKER family!