NFL Pre-Season: Own It!

The 2015 NFL pre-season games begin on August 13, 2015. Get ahead of the game with our SLACKER-fied guide to owning the NFL pre-season fun, like a boss! We’ve got the week-by-week schedules AND a to-do list to make this pre-season, your best one yet!

You’ll need to do these four things in order to own the NFL pre-season fun:

1) Strategize

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Here’s the schedule of games, which start on August 13. It might seem like you have time, but strategizing is one thing you don’t want to SLACK on (pun, intended). First off, figure out what games you want to watch. Then, mark them on your calendar (Google calendars work, too). From there, decide if you’ll catch the game at home or at a friend’s house. Connect and strategize with your football buddies, after all, who isn’t ready for some football?!

2) Clean up


It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a pre-season game watch party, or if you’re watching it solo, at home. Having a de-cluttered SLACKER space is ideal for NFL pre-season success! If you’re not much of a cleaner, make a to-do list of the basics. And then, git ‘er done!

3) Slip into some SLACKER


A lot of you probably already have your SLACKER ready to go for the first kick off of the 2015 NFL pre-season. But, if you don’t , we’ve got you covered. From tees to shorts to socks to pants, there isn’t anything quite like watching football in SLACKER gear.

4) Get your grub (and drink) on!

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Last, but certainly not least, food! And drinks!! Take some inspiration from this football themed recipe board OR write down your favorite foods and drinks to grab from the store before the start of pre-season!

Show us how YOU are enjoying the pre-season shenanigans! Use the hashtag #SLACKERpreseason on social media so we can celebrate with you!