Netflix Marathons To Indulge In This Summer

Don’t you just HATE scrolling through dozens of TV and movie titles on Netflix, only to find that you end up settling for a so-so dose of entertainment? Welp, we’ve done the searching for you with this summer lineup!

Whether it’s during a summer storm or on a weekend when you just aren’t feeling the beach, these top-rated Netflix picks add up to be one gigantically awesome marathon. And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you prefer TV over moves (or vice versa), we’ve compiled a lineup to suit both tastes! So, without further ado, throw on your favorite pair of SLACKER lounge pants and get to Netflix-ing (if that wasn’t a proper verb before, it is now).

For the TV fans


Marvel’s Daredevil

Take in Season 1 of this highly rated series where an average dude is a lawyer by day and a hero by night.


The Men Who Built America

The first season of this historically awesome series outlines the foundation of American innovation, where the likes of Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Ford, and Vanderbilt- are all portrayed.


The Blacklist

Crime and action come together in Season 1 of this epic thriller. A wanted man turns good guy and helps the FBI take down high-profile criminals.


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Season 1 of this addicting series combines documentary-style storytelling with one of the universe’s biggest mysteries: the nature of space and time.



A billionaire, who was thought to be deceased for five years, returns to society and turns into a vigilante.


Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Yes, this is the real deal! This collection of infamous episodes from your childhood will leave you feeling nostalgic and stoked.

For the movie buffs


Generation War

Based in the early 40s (and during WWII), this flick takes five young people and turns their friendship upside down.


Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

Get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a rockstar with this documentary that showcases the 40+ year career Canadian legends, Rush.



Let’s face it, this Russell Crowe flick is a classic. And it never gets old.


Life of a King

This feel-good film features a hardened criminal turned do-gooder who after being released from prison starts a club for kids to get them off the streets.



An underrated movie for sure, Chef takes you on a funny, entertaining journey of one man’s quest to follow his dream and his passion.