Games You Need This Summer

Storms, sick days, and vacation call for a legitimately SLACKER-worthy list of games to get into this summer! Skip the online reviews, we’ve got the goods right here, right now!! Here are the top games you’ll want to get you through the season:

Batman: Arkham Knight


This is BY FAR the game we were most excited about for summer! As the third game in the Batman series by Rocksteady Studios, Arkham Knight closes out the trilogy with superb attention detail and a riveting storyline. However, beware if you’re a fan, SPOILER ALERT! The game outlines the ending of the questioned fates of many of the characters. Thumbs up if you could care less about the ending, but definitely avoid playing if it does matter to you.

SLACKER Tip: Most enjoyed with a SLACKER robe, so you can put the hood on and pretend to be your own version of Mr. Wayne.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


Beware, this game is absolutely the most addicting from our list. Be prepared to sink into a hole of hours upon hours of playing Elder Scrolls- but at least you’ll do it with pleasure! There’s only a little bit of hand-holding throughout, but it’s enough to get you hooked. Your job is to become a key innovator in a newfound civilization. Sound heavy? It is. But it’s also a blast!

SLACKER Tip: Best enjoyed while wearing SLACKER lounge shorts, allowing for mobility as you tumble through battle.



This spooky, but worth-it summer game is exactly what you’d expect from IMGN.PRO. The visuals are ridiculously awesome, and although it’s a bit grainy on guidance, Kholat is practically the spawn of Slenderman! If you can get past the non-direction at the game’s start, you’ll really enjoy this hauntingly enjoyable game.

SLACKER Tip: Play while you wear the official SLACKER inactive wear tshirt. Consider it fear repellant.