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SLACK Pack: What Is It Good For?

We recently unleashed the best deal in SLACKER history!! We introduced the SLACK Pack, for all your SLACKing needs! Now, you can keep your comfy clothing game on point with your favorite SLACKER Inactive Wear tee and either a pair of gray or black SLACKER Lounge Pants. What are SLACK Packs good for? Here’s a […]

Frozen Food Day, A SLACKER Favorite

When we found out that Frozen Food Day fell on a weekend, we knew we just had to come up with a list of the best frozen meals for SLACKERs! After lots of taste testing, couch surfing, and more taste testing, we came up with five categories and our favorite frozen food items for each […]


No coupon necessary for this SLACKER-iffic sale! Just pick your favorite SLACKER shorts out, add them to your cart, and the $10 discount will be taken at checkout! Enjoy, SLACKERs! Click here to start shopping.

Lazy Valentine’s Day Guide

One of the greatest things about being a lazy couple? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful! The good news is, you both recognize how much more important it is to be comfortable, than it is to impress the other person. Here are the laziest, SLACKER-effective ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day: Flowers Get ahead of […]

Super Bowl Predictions From Top SLACKERs

Back in 2015 we recorded some pretty interesting information from a few of the NFL’s expert voices! The NFL regular season had just begun, and names like Dave Dameshek and Chris Wesseling were dishing their top predictions for Super Bowl 50. Overall, the defending Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks were a top favorite, along with […]

SLACK Hack: 22 Work From Home Jobs

What’s the best part about working from home, SLACKERs? That’s easy! Never having to change out of your favorite SLACKER Inactive Wear!! That’s right. Take on one of these top work from home jobs, and you can enjoy your SLACKER wear, anywhere! All 22 of these companies offer work from home jobs: AdviseTech Bookminders Tigerfish […]

How To SLACKER-fy Your Black Friday Shopping

“It’s the moooooost wonderful time, of the year!” We love it, but this year we are going to try a different approach to the madness that is Black Friday. To help us stay true to that resolution, we came up with a Non-Black-Friday To-Do List. We think it could lead to one of the best […]