How To Cure Boredom

A SLACKER’s Guide To Curing Boredom

Bored out of your mind? No worries. We’ve got your back! With this handy, DIY list of cures for boredom, you’ll be chock full of ideas to get you through the drought of excitement. Before you read any further, put on your SLACKER and be prepared to: Embrace UR Inner SLACKER!


Idea #1: Explore the world on Google Earth. Don’t know where to go first? Here are 48 unique places to visit, right off the bat! 


Idea #2: Brew your own beer, with this guide from WikiHow. There isn’t much more to say about this one. Just do it.


Idea #3: Netflix, for the win! Our picks? Try El Mariachi, IP Man, or Outrage. Or, if you’ve got the time, have a marathon with all three!


Idea #4: Get your fitness on, on your couch. Use these fitness tips from WebMD and break a sweat that only a true SLACKER can appreciate! 


Idea #5: Plan ahead for Father’s Day or a birthday, or even the winter season. Shop SLACKER now, and get ahead of the game. 


Idea #6: Travel the world without leaving the couch. Use our handy guide to explore new terrains without ever getting up.

Idea #7: Try a new, local food place. Use GrubHub and type in whatever type of food you’re craving. They’ll find the closest, best match, and what’s even better? They  bring it to you!