About Slacker Wear


“It’s hard work being a slacker!” and no one knows that better than “America’s favorite houseguest,” Kato Kaelin. But he’s been anything but a couch potato.  Kato has embraced the “Slacker” persona the media gave him, and with the help of longtime friend Rhonda Shear, created SLACKER wear.

Kato’s SLACKER lounge wear is comfortable, stylish, and affordable, because everyone deserves a little slack sometimes.

Kato is hands on with everything from fabric and design details to fit and branding materials. He combines humor and interest in fashion to create a line that is perfect for any occasion, and any guy.

Embrace UR Inner Slacker

No woman wants her Slacker lounging on the couch in boxers or less, but every guy wants to be comfortable… Now you can put on some “Slacker” and watch the game, snuggle up for movie night, or even veg out to cartoons if that’s your thing.

Men’s fashion today is all about comfort, comedy, and cost. Slacker’s got it. While some young celebs are running around in $500 sweatpants, Kato’s Slacker Wear is offering everyone the opportunity to “Embrace UR Inner Slacker” with comfortable, attractive, and affordable loungewear for all your “I’m just chillin’ on the couch needs”.

Pant styles include plenty of practical pockets for snacks, the remote, a phone, or any other couch supplies. Kato wouldn’t leave you hanging…

And as Kato puts it “…Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos, if it ends in O, you should be wearing Slacker by Kato!”

Who is Slacker Wear For?

Everyone! Being a “Slacker” never looked so good. Slacker is available in sizes S –XL, with new colors and styles coming soon. Keep an eye out for new women’s styles and sizes! Ladies deserve a little slack too.

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